Escreva com leds – de bolso (Magic Stick)

18 dezembro, 2007 at 3:00 pm 3 comentários

Hand pocket LED panel is a board with line of 48 super bright red LEDs controlled by microprocessor circuit. The microprocessor turns on the LEDs to show your image.The LED panel the size is 280x30mm.Power supply for the LED panel is 9V battery. The display of words is carried out two times for one period of oscillations, at a forward and backward movement. It improves word brightness.



LED panel may be fasten at any stick.High of image is 280mm. Width of image is about 1 m.  FEATURES 1). Power supply for the LED panel is 9V battery.  2).Height resolution 48 pixels, width resolution is 1000 pixels. 3).For download new images in the LED panel, you can connect your LED panel to your Personal Computer through COM port. 4) Your information in the LED panel is saved after power supply is turn off. 5).The LED panel can store 10 images. Current image you may select by button “Text Select”.  6). The LED panel has button “Full Light”, for turn on all LED simultaneously. The LED panel may be used as a lantern. 7). You can write any new image in the LED panel from PC. The word can be shown in any fonts. There is possibility to show any available graphic information with resolution 48×1000 pixels. You can program any image of “BMP” format.   

8). The software for PC you can download from our site.


Download Video File size 2Mb

 Electrical Circuit Retail cost of this complete set LED panel, cable for programming, and software for PC is 100$. Download assembly LED panel   (assembly.pdf)Download LED panel documentation. (board_discription.pdf)Download documentation for PC program. (prog_discription.pdf)Download program HandLEDScreen. (

Retail cost of this complect Magic Stick is 100$.


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Escreva com leds

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